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Down-to-Child Links

link node diagram

Down-to-Child links provide access to more specific information, allowing users to "drill down" into a particular topic.

Data below is from 75 leading e-commerce sites, collected in May, 2002. [sites examined]



Frequency of Down-to-Child Links

100% of pages had Down-to-Child links. This frequency is based on the number of pages where Down-to-Child links could occur. [details]


Location of Down-to-Child Links

The aggregate location data, below, for Down-to-Child links are only partially useful because they do not take into account the two main types of pages that contain Down-to-Child links on an e-commerce site: Product Category Pages and Product List Pages. More Discussion...

red envelope

60% Main Content Area

[view example]


27% Left

[view example]


7% Right

[view example]


3% Top

[view example]


Style for Down-to-Child links

[style definitions]
Plain List
Navigation Bar
Pull-Down Menu


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