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Manage Account

Account Icons

A Manage Account function allows registered users to access information such as their billing address, shipping address, and account preferences.

Data below is from 75 leading e-commerce sites, collected in May, 2002. [sites examined]


Frequency of Manage Account

76% of sites in the sample provided some type of global Manage Account function.


Location of Manage Account

Location of the Manage Account function was plotted on an 800 by 600 pixel grid.[details]

manage account

scale for chart

[actual size view of plot]




Labeling of Manage Account

Most sites used some form of the term “account” (67%) or “login” (30%).

There was, however, considerable variation in the exact wording of the label. For example among sites using the term account, variations included Account, Account Info, My Account, Your Account, Access Your Account. To more effectively show exact wording variations, labels were organized by the term representing the function and the syntax of the label (noun, possessive, or imperative). Noun syntax was defined as either a single noun (“Account”) or a noun with a non-possessive modifier (“Account Info”). Labels that began with a possessive adjective (“My Account”) were defined as having possessive syntax. Imperative syntax included labels such as “Access Your Account” and “Change Your Profile.”

[view frequencies of exact labels]


Icon Use for Manage Account

19% of sites providing Manage Account features helped identify this function with an icon. The most common icon was that of a writing instrument (pen or pencil); other icon types included a folder, checkmark, and document.

Writing instrument
Folder/file box
Check mark
Key (representing “Login”)
[view icon examples]
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