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This site is an outgrowth of my Master's thesis, completed in December, 2002 at the University of Washington. My interest in continuing my research lead me to launch this site in September of 2003. I also felt that the data I had collected (and plan to collect) would be more accessible in a web-based presentation. I encourage those interested in conducting related research to also refer to my thesis, which can be downloaded at my personal web site www.hpadkisson.com.

The data presented on this site are intended to inform design decisions, not dictate them. Common practice does not necessarily equate with best practice—and the relationship between consistency and usability on the Web is remains a lightly researched area. I wrote more on this topic in an article for Boxes and Arrows: Examining the Role of De Facto Standards on the Web.

At this time the data on the site are limited to e-commerce, which was the focus of my master's thesis. As one reader has pointed out, there is so much more to the Web. I do hope to eventually expand the data collection beyond e-commerce into other site genres.

A goal of this site is to encourage and highlight related empirical research. You’ll find throughout the site links to related studies. If you find I’ve overlooked a relevant study, please suggest a study for inclusion.

Bio: I am currently a Senior Interactive Architect at Blink Interactive Architects, a Seattle-based user experience consulting firm. My academic background includes Master’s degrees in Technical Communication and Business Administration, both from the University of Washington. My professional experience includes over 15 years in the software /web development industries, working with clients such as Apple Computer, AT&T Wireless, Lexis-Nexis, Microsoft and RealNetworks.


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